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Adam Izen is an artist and designer who brings his fantastical world to life through soft sculpture animal creations and magical events and spaces.

Born in the late twentieth century to a military man and his wife, a purveyor of stationery and gift items, young Izen grew up moving across the globe, from one air force base to another.

This gypsy lifestyle made it difficult to make human friends, so Izen began creating his own — out of whatever materials he could. From silly sculpey clay creatures to classic hand and rod puppets to the occasional sock monster, Izen surrounded himself with a cast of imaginative friends all through his youth. He attended and graduated Emerson College with a degree in Theater Studies: Directing and Costume Design.

His artwork showcases a flair for the whimsical yet dramatic, a style coined “haute couture fairy tale.” He clings desperately to the handmade in a world that is increasingly digital and finds new ways to use old things, giving them a renewed sense of purpose.

Adam lives with his husband, Tyler, and dog, Bucky, in Beacon, NY.

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