Adm. Penhaligon

Admiral Penhaligon has just come ashore from fearsome voyages on the high seas — and boy, does he have stories to tell! If you run into him at the Ball, be sure to ask him about the time he broke up a fight between a blue whale and a giant squid! It’s pretty incredible. It’s nearly too much to believe, but the admiral has more courage in the tip of his tail than I’ll ever have!

Mme. Squeal‑o

Madam Squealo

I don’t leave my house until Mme. Squeal‑o does my reading for the day. From charting stars to reading palms, she’s very connected to the universe. One morning, she told me I’d have a startling surprise — later that day, I pricked myself with a pin! She’s definitely got a sense for these things. She’s giving out free readings at the ball, dare to find out what the future has in store?

Miss Fiona LeFoxxé

Miss Fiona LeFoxxé can be a bit aloof, but she catches the eye of nearly anyone who sees her. She moves almost as quick as her wit. When we do get a chance to speak, I often find myself blushing at some of Miss LeFoxxé’s repartee. I see a lot of the guests are excited she’s here at the ball, but I have a hunch she’s got her glittering eyes on one mysterious bear in black, if you ask me.

El Oso

The masked bear is so mysterious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without his hat on — well, other than before I made it for him. He draws a lot of interest and intrigue with his accent and mystifying appearance. I’m actually quite surprised he’s here at the Ball, I wonder if he senses something dangerous might happen. That’s pretty silly… I’m almost certain nothing could possibly go wrong.

Prof. Hopkins

Professor Hopkins

Professor Hopkins is so wise and very well read. He’s always helping me with book recommendations and lending one of his very big ears when I need someone to talk to. He really only came to the ball to try and sneak into the adjacent library to see if there were any books he hasn’t already read — but I told him I didn’t think that was possible!



Squeakertins is such a nice chap, and generous, too! He used to bring me bits of cheese, until I started eating vegan, so now he brings me a berry when he can get a good one. He also helps me drink my tea (I’m allergic) so that Mme. Squeal-o can read my tea leaves. Squeakertins is quite excited about all the snacks at the Ball. He’s even volunteered to collect everyone’s used dishes and to return them to the kitchen. It seems to me like it wouldn’t be the most fun job, but he is quite excited about it.

HRH The Queen Liz

HRH Queen Liz

You know, to be completely honest, I don’t believe that our government is a monarchy — or that we have a government at all. But, I’m not going to be the one to have that conversation with a crocodile, are you? A fun fact about Queen Liz is that she loves to put on a show when the piano man starts taking requests. We’re actually secretly hoping he doesn’t make it to the Ball because once HRH gets going, no one has the courage to ask her to stop…

Emma Emu

What hat will Emma Emu wear to her first annual tea with Aunties Eva and Prue? “A hat is required, a hat is a must! It must be perfect, elegant, and smart. It must be impressive, it must just be … Art!”