Recent Exhibition

Dorris in her Dressing Room

JULY 23–24, 2022
Beacon Open Studios at The Landmark
139 Main Street, Beacon, New York

Dorris in her Dressing Room

Dorris will be in her dressing room to take photos with you as part of Beacon Open Studios and Upstate Art Weekend. Dorris is ten feet tall, 12 feet with hat, and guests can bring her head down to take photos with her (she has a trigger to smile for photos, too). When they are done, she can be raised to her full glory to welcome more adoring fans.



Past Exhibition


The Howland Public Library
313 Main Street, Beacon, New York

art installation

Dearies, you are cordially invited to my Ball of Beasts, a fantastical fest of my imaginative friends dressed to impress. From royal crocodiles to dancing hippos, elegant racoons to fortune telling pigs, the guest list is filled to the brim with interest, intrigue and a good deal of fun.

This display for The Howland Public Library’s Tales & Tails summer reading program will feature over 10 soft sculpture animals that also function as hand and rod puppets. Each piece is entirely unique, with every detail hand applied by the artist. Made from muslin and filling, then hand painted, beaded, costumed and accessorized, the animals look as if they’ve climbed out of an old fairy tale book found in grandma’s attic and are simply waiting for your imagination to bring them to life.

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